[ i o n D E S K ]

ionDESK is a trading workspace, far more than just a trading platform!

ionDESK is truly the first of its kind to grant traders and investors a place to work and not just trade. We've taken special care to combine ease-of-use with powerful features. Our trading workspace may be used stand-alone or in a multi-screen scenario with another trading platform.

The sections below highlight just a few features that can make a difference in the way you approach the market.
Trade Plan & Journal
You've heard and read about trade plans, but have you ever used software to build one. Use ionDESK to create a comprehensive trade plan including goal, risk, and real-time probability and profitability calculations.
Bracketed Orders
Using our bracketed orders form you will trade professionally with more discipline and accuracy. We've again made it easy to place bracketed orders with entry, target and stop points or any combination for stocks, options and ETFs. Also custom and global conditions may apply to orders.
Pin Action
Watch the market the way the pros do. Enter your market focus and then add related items. Enter ticker symbols then sit back and watch the magic. You are able to study the market focus with its related items. Armed with the knowledge of interrelated stocks, you can visualize and take action on the market the way the pros do.