[ i o n D E S K ]

ionDESK Features

ionDESK Product Suite

  Practice1 Active Vision Robot Max
Basic Form Trading1
Bracketed Trading 1
Single-Click Trading1
Advanced Conditional Orders1
Raw FIXML Support6
Signal, Technical or Pattern based trading or any combination
Orders Placed ( on chart )
Planning / Research / Ideas
Sentiment Builder2    
Trade Journal    
Profitability Planning    
ETF Market View
News Plus4
Robotic Automated Trading3
System Trading3
Custom Program Trading3
ionDESK Scripting Language5
Algorithmic Trading
Complete addin support for building
algos, signals, patterns, technicals and UI based solutions
Stock Screener
Time Saving / Productivity
Account Grouping        
Trade Multiple Accounts Simultaneously        
Manage Multiple Trades Simultaneously        
Multiple Screen Support
Trade Permissions ( Grant / Deny Trades Remotely )    
Custom Solutions  
Custom Training  
1. All practice order trades are prepared using the same tools available for live trading. Simulate trading accurately by setting any amount of money, broker and options fees. Practice trading stocks, options and ETFs.
2. Ground-breaking technology exclusively built by Gambrell Software for ionDESK.
3. Denotes special trading systems that are available for all products. These systems have full testing modes that utilize live realtime market data. These trading systems can only place LIVE trades when using ionDESK Robot or higher.
4. News Plus for ionDESK combines RSS news feeds with the ability to reuse the news as trading indicators. Choose from hundreds of news sources. Custom news sources are available when using ionDESK Vision or higher.
5. ionDESK Scripting Language is designed to allow traders the ability to fully control when trades get executed. Using C# or VB.Net, a well-known Microsoft .Net programming language, traders can query quotes and apply math to achieve endless strategies to control trades.
6. Denotes ionDESK can take in raw FIXML data and submit it on your behalf. This capability grants a new landscape of trading possibilities when ionDESK doesn’t inherently support a special order type. Warning not all brokers support FIXML. Please consult and review your broker’s API documentation for details.