[ i o n D E S K ]

Frequently Asked Questions




Q.  How fast is the trade execution time?

A.  Trades are completed in 1-2 seconds approximately.


Q.  What happens when I submit a live order in ionDESK?

A.  Your live order is sent to your broker and is routed to the proper processing centers. Your trades will appear also in your broker's website and or trade software as if you placed the trade from their software services.


Q.  Can I place advanced conditional orders?

A.  Yes, ionDESK specializes in conditional and compound order types.


Q.  Can I place multiple orders simultaneously?

A.  Yes, you may create groups of accounts and trade them in any way you like.


Q.  Can I practice and live trade with ionDESK with live market data?

A.  Yes, ionDESK provides practice and live account trading using real-time market data.



Q.  Do I need an additional key from my broker?

A.  To use ionDESK you will be provided username and password and no other key is needed.


Q.  What type of internet connection do I need?

A.  Broadband is the minimum recommended connection type.


Q.  Do I need to fund ionDESK to trade?

A.  No, ionDESK is not a broker but rather software that works with select brokers like Etrade and TradeKING.


Q.  Is the software large and timely to install?

A.  No, ionDESK is about 12mb total and takes about 4 minutes to install.


Q.  Do I need to have my broker's software running at the same time as ionDESK?

A.  No, ionDESK is stand-alone software that runs independently of your broker's solutions.


Q.  Can I install ionDESK on multiple computers with one license purchase?

A.  Yes you can, but only one session may be running at a time.




Q.  How can I trust ionDESK? I see you claim to work with Etrade and TradeKING. Does Etrade and TradeKING endorse or list your product as verification?

A.  You can trust ionDESK! Yes we are a trusted API partner with Etrade and TradeKING. ionDESK has been tested and approved by Etrade and TradeKING.


Q.  Why do a need a token?

A.  The token section of the login process is for your security.


Q.  Is my account safe?

A.  Yes, since you never submit your brokerage account information to ionDESK, your brokerage account information is safe.


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